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Cast Iron Care Instructions

Cleaning Your Teapot

  1. Thoroughly rinse pot and infuser with hot water.
  2. Never use cleaning products on the inside or outside of the tea pot.
  3. While the teapot is still warm, wipe the inside and outside with a dry cloth.
  4. Repeat this process at least three times.
  5. After thoroughly drying the teapot with cloth, invert the teapot and allow it to air dry before replacing cover and infuser.
  6. *Avoid contact with salts and oils.
    *Do not place teapot in cold water while still warm.

Serving Your Tea

  1. Although tetsubin was heated over an open flame in the olden days, NEVER heat your tetsubin over a stove top, exposed flame or in a microwave oven.
  2. Heat the water in a separate conventional stainless pot and use your tetsubin for brewing and serving only.
  3. Place tea in the stainless infuser.
  4. Measure the tea quantity according to tea variety and preferred taste.
  5. Pour hot water into the teapot, cover and allow to brew for 3-5 minutes.
  6. Remove infuser and tea leaves and serve.
  7. Leaves may be used again depending on the quality and type of the tea.

Other Notes

If the care instructions are followed, your teapot should not rust as the inside has been coated with black enamel. However, in the unlikely event that your teapot should rust, your teapot can still be used.
Keep in mind:
  1. The rust is non-toxic and safe.
  2. Use only a soft brush to clean the rusted area and then fill the pot with used tea leaves and boiling water for 20 minutes.
  3. The tannic acid in the tea reacts with the rust and forms a natural seal against further rusting.

Our cast iron tea pots are fully enameled on the inside and come with a stainless steel basket for your tea leaves. Simply pour boiling water over your leaves, steep until desired tea strength is reached and enjoy! Cast iron tea pots are not only beautiful and expressive but also functional. They will keep your tea hot for close to one hour.

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